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Downing Courtney & Larkin Solicitors is a family run legal firm, we have been representing and advising clients for upwards of 180 years.

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Our team are available to help you. We will help you cut through the legal jargon and find the best solution.

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We have developed and maintained the highest standards of legal service to private individuals and corporate clients around the country.

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We aim to make your journey as stress free as possible by providing tailored services for your case.

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Euro zone business growth slowed sharply in June – PMI

Business growth across the euro zone slowed further last month, according to a survey in which forward looking indicators suggested the region could slip into ...
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Euro falling towards parity pain point

A stampede for dollars as global recession risks mount has left other currencies battered and bruised, with the euro getting trampled on more than most ...
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Rising costs of living hitting back-to-school expenses

Cost of living increases are impacting parents budgeting for back-to-school expenses, according to a new survey for the Irish League of Credit Unions. Back-to-school expenses ...
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