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Family Law -

Do you need advice in relation
to obtaining a Divorce?

At Downing Courtney & Larkin Solicitors LLP, our extensive knowledge of divorce law enables us to provide a top tier service to all clients who find themselves involved in the stressful predicament of a divorce. We deal with divorce cases of all levels of complexity and as in-depth experts in this area, we offer our clients with tailored thorough and measured advice.

If you are looking to commence the divorce procedure, you must at the outset qualify and meet the requisite test for grounds for divorce:

  1. There must be a irretrievable break down in the marriage with no reasonable prospect of reconciliation ;
  2. The parties must be ordinarily resident in the state;
  3. The parties must be living apart from one another for a period of at least two years -please note that it is possible to be living separate and apart in the same place of residence;
  4. Proper arrangements must have been made or will be made for the spouse and any dependent members of the family.

Please note that in Ireland Divorces are granted on a ‘no fault’ basis, meaning that the conduct of either party leading up to the Divorce will not be taken into account by a Court.

If the above requirements are met, an application for divorce can be issued and proceedings can be commenced by the lodgement of a Family Law Civil Bill in the Circuit Court Office.

If all aspects of the marriage, including matters of finance, maintenance, custody and access to any dependant children can be agreed at the outset, this is most beneficial for all parties involved and less costly. A Divorce Order ‘on consent’ will usually be sought, and this is usually a faster process.

If matters cannot be pre-agreed by the parties in advance and there is even disagreement on one issue, the Divorce proceedings are said to be contested. The Court is empowered to make range of ancillary orders can also be made at the time of a divorce order to ensure that adequate provision and maintenance is made for any dependant spouse or children. Custody and Access orders are also usually made if same cannot be agreed in advance, as well as any orders in relation to pension and succession rights. It is very much in everyone’s best interests that all matters can be agreed at the outset.

If you are uncertain whether or not you require a divorce, we can thoroughly evaluate your options with you to decide the best course of action for you. We are experienced family law solicitors and have seen every scenario arise throughout the years. Our team are professional yet very personable and we are acutely aware of how stressful this time can be for an individual.

Our fee rates in this area are extremely reasonable and are dependant on your individual circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us now for a complimentary, no -obligation fee quotation and we will revert to you within 24 hours. Or you can telephone us directly on 064 6631061 and speak to a member of our team immediately.

*Please note that the information above is demonstrative only, please contact us directly so that we can discuss your individual case.

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