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Do you need legal advice in relation to the administration of an Estate following the passing of a loved one?

When a loved one has passed away, the task of ensuring that their will is administered correctly and effectively is vital. At Downing Courtney & Larkin Solicitors LLP we have been dealing with the administration of estates for decades on behalf of clients who entrust us with this important task. We are committed to ensuring that the legal probate process is carried out in a manner that is efficient and diligent without adding to any stress for you at this undoubtedly sad and emotional time.

Probate is the area of the law that deals with a person’s estate once they have become deceased. We excel in guiding Executors (also known as Legal Personal Representatives and/or Administrators depending on the context) in a practical and efficient manner through the often stressful task of administering a deceased’s estate.

Who acts as Executor depends on whether the Deceased has left a will or not and whether or not they have specifically identified someone. If the person dies without leaving a will, there are then said to die ‘intestate’ and the Succession Act 1965 will then determine how the estate is administered. In such circumstances, it may be then necessary to extract a Grant of Administration and we will be able to advise you as appropriate.

We manage the administration process and assist the personal representatives ( also known as executors and administrators) in identifying all relevant assets and liabilities, liaise with all financial institutions and broadly advise you, where appropriate on any potential inheritance tax liabilities and relevant dates on which said taxes become payable.

The Succession Act 1965 is the governing probate legislation in Ireland and when someone dies, their assets and estate pass to their Legal Personal Representative. So that all close relatives and beneficiaries receive their entitlement under a will, the will needs to be administered through the relevant Probate Office depending on the area of the country they resided in.

When someone passes away their estate or assets pass to their personal representative.

In order for the next-of-kin or beneficiaries to receive their inheritance the deceased’s estate needs to be ‘administered’ through the Probate Office of the High Court by the personal representative.

A successful application to the Probate Office will result in a Grant of Probate being issued and this will allow the Executor to collect all of the Deceased’s assets (for example i.e. any funds sitting in Bank Accounts etc.) for the purpose of fulfilling the bequests under a Deceased’s person’s will and/or sell any property/land.

It is not always necessary to extract a Grant of Probate where assets may have been jointly held by the Deceased with their spouse for example, or where the value of an estate is below a certain threshold and we at Downing Courtney & Larkin Solicitors LLP will help identify when a Grant is necessary to extract.

We have reasonable rates in this complex area and are always available to discuss your case in a confidential and sensitive manner.

Please feel free to contact us now for a complimentary, no -obligation fee quotation and we will revert to you within 24 hours. Or you can telephone us directly on 064 66 31061 and speak to a member of our team immediately.

*Please note that the advice above is demonstrative only, please contact us directly so that we can discuss your individual case.

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